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Why Smart QR Code?

Having QR Code printed on your business cards, flyers, posters and website? It is a great way to share large amount of information with your clients by simply let them scan the QR Code and visit the related web page.

But, what about you want to redirect the clients to another page which contains the latest information about your business, like a new product page which is on sale, a new service page which you are going to provide, a updated price list page which you want the clients take a look first before select the products or service from you or even a very important page which contains the latest policy changing, anoucement or other information? You will need to print thousands even ten-thousands of the business card, flyers, posters again? How much will that cost you if they are large size poster or large amount business card?
Introducing our 'One QR Code' services, we will generate the one QR Code for you and once you need to change the destination of the QR code, just submit the request online with the new URL (once you are holding an account with us) our account manage will get the QR code destination page redirected for you, so you will not need to re-generate the QR Code again and print them again.


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